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Apr 23, 2019

On today's episode of Bucher, Friendless, Ric gives you all his thoughts on James Harden's 3-20 performance and why stars like him should never stop shooting. Also, NBA officiating becoming a distraction in the playoffs (9:40). Plus, the frontrunner for the Lakers head coaching job; and Brett Brown may be on the hot seat...

Apr 22, 2019

With Will on vacation, Ric is flying solo to give you all of his thoughts on the heated Blazers - Thunder playoff series. In particular, the battle of Westbrook vs Lillard and why Dame's team is winning the war.

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Apr 19, 2019

Ric & Ryan are back to discuss the biggest news in the NBA Playoffs this week. What does the loss of Boogie Cousins do to the Warriors title hopes? Plus KD's postgame comments. What are Philly's chances to make it out of the East? And will the Nuggets fall to the "underdog" Spurs?

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Apr 16, 2019

Today's episode is part two of Ric & Will's interview with the great Charles Woodson. Yesterday we heard Charles' take on Tiger Woods and great athletes performing under pressure. Today Charles went in on everything from the recent Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy story (14:04) to the Raiders moving to Vegas (26:37) and a...

Apr 15, 2019

Ric and Will dove straight into the biggest story of the day to give their thoughts on Tiger Woods' Masters win yesterday and the incredible story of his long journey back to the top (1:27). Also, some surprising upsets over the first weekend of the NBA Playoffs (16:37). And part one of the guys' awesome interview with...